Samsung Z3 colour variants

Samsung Z3 will be available in 3 colours – Gold, Silver and Black.

Personally, I prefer the silver one..

Check out the pics…


Samsung Z1 gold variant
Samsung Z1 gold variant (from gadgets.ndtv)


Silver variant
Samsung Z3 Silver Variant (from


Samsung Z3 Black variant (from




Samsung Z3

Finally, Samsung’s second Tizen based smartphone (Z3) is hitting the markets in India.

It will be available in  Gold, Silver and Black colours.

Main features

  • Ultra Data Saving mode – Offers up to 40% reduction on mobile data . This is done by compressing the data transferred through network and tweaking various network parameters
  • Ultra Power Saving mode – Enhanced power saving options. This UPS mode allows users to operate on standby for up to 33 hours with less than 10 percent of the battery remaining. Samsung Z3 uses a 2600mAH battery.
  • Display – 5 inch HD screen, made with Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology.
  • Camera – 8 MP, F2.2 rear cam and 5 MP front cam with advanced selfie capabilities. It is complemented by various photography modes like ‘Automatic Selfie’ with face recognition, ‘Wide Selfie’ mode to capture up to 120 degrees angle.
  • Slim design – 7.9 mm, sleek and styling.

The device will be priced at 8490 INR and will be available to purchase from Oct 21 onwards. In the online space, device will be available exclusively on Snapdeal.

Samsung to release Z3

Samsung is planning to release the successor of Z1 with improved display and memory. It may feature a 5 inch 720p Super AMOLED display and 1.5 Gb RAM. Samsung reportedly has sold around 1 million Z1 phones.

A picture of Tizen Z3 can be found here.

The phone is expected to have the following configuration.

  • RAM : 1.5 GB
  • Internal Storage : 8 GB
  • Processor : 1.3 GHz Quadcore Spreadtrum
  • Display : 5 inch Super AMOLED, 720p
  • Battery : 2600 mAh
  • Camera : 8 MP Front Camera, 5 MP Rear Camera
  • Micro SD Card Slots : Yes
  • Dual Sim Support : Yes

Source: GSM Arena, Digital trends.

Tizen explained in simple words…

Tizen is a Linux based operating system (OS) being developed under open source governance for mainly embedded and connected devices like smartphone, smart TVs,  smart cameras, wearable devices etc. The development is guided by a Technical Steering Group including Samsung and Intel.

Profiles: Tizen comes in multiple profiles.

Tizen Mobile – Profile for smartphones.
Tizen Wearable – Profile for wearable devices.
Tizen TV – Profile for smartTV.
Tizen IVI – Profile for In Vehicle Infotainment.
All the profiles are built on top of common shared infrastructure called Tizen Common. This gives the flexibility for the device manufactures to choose one of the profiles develop to suit their own needs or build on top of the common profile to come up with a new profile altogether.

 App Development:

Tizen SDK provides set of tools for the developers to develop HTML5 and native applications.

Tizen’s web framework allows a developer to create web based applications. Developer has the freedom to use HTML, CSS and javascript for development. More about Tizen web framework here. The Tizen web application model provides rich set of W3C/HTML5 features. These features along with the Tizen device APIs can be used to create applications including games.

Tizen native framework allows the developer to use native APIs for developing applications.  More about Tizen native app development can be found here.

Get started with the Tizen development..

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